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Frequently Asked Questions

When does early bird end?

Early bird ends July 31, 2019 at midnight MST

Early bird tuition is $4300 +gst

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Is there a payment plan for the tuition?

Yes, absolutely.

There is an initial non-refundable deposit of $700 that will secure your place in the training. In the event that your application has not been accepted for this round of 300 YTT, your deposit will be refunded back to you in whole. 

After that, the tuition for 2019-2020 YTT (early bird $4300 +GST or regular tuition at $4500 +GST) will be broken down into your choice of payment plans.

Our tuition has been mindfully set to account for the calibre of teachers being brought in and works out to be ~$15/hour over the course of the training.

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Do I need to have a 200 hour yoga teacher training certificate to attend the 300 hour?

No, but the 300 level training is built off of a 200 hour level training and at Mynah we do encourage that one has a 200 hour. We accept applications under this category on a case by case basis by taking into account your yoga practice, educational background, relationship with yoga and your written essay. 

If your intention is to teach after the 300 hour training, you will still need to attain your 200 hour certificate. The 200 hour is similar to getting a bachelor’s degree whereas the 300 is the master’s degree. If your intention is to deepen your knowledge, be advised that teaching a yoga class is included and expected in the curriculum in order to fulfill the hours necessary for certification.

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I have my 200 hour, but I am not teaching or I am not teaching a lot. Can I still attend the 300 hour?

Yes, absolutely. 

The 300 hour level training is built to enhance and foster your skill level, to increase awareness of the more subtle aspects of teaching, to help you understand how to hold space and to bolster your confidence in teaching. We are a community of support and whatever your goal is, we will be doing our very best to help you fulfill those goals.

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I am a new 200 hour graduate, am I ready to take the 300 hour?

Like the question above, the 300 hour training is built to really help enhance the skills, knowledge and depth of a teacher. As the program is spread over the course of a year, the lessons, insights and take aways will be impactful while you continue teaching and strengthening your ability to lead classes in the year to come and there will be opportunities to apply it in real time, which will further help to solidify what you are learning.

We encourage you to get in touch with Mynah so that we can discuss if this is the right program for you.

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What happens if I already have plans on a weekend scheduled? Or if I miss a weekend?

We understand that life happens and that this is a very intense time commitment.

Whatever hours are missed will be made up as outlined below.

The teacher leading the weekend will assign you with homework of self-study so that you can cover the topics on your own time. There are likely assignments that you will need to hand in for review when you schedule your one-on-one time with the teacher in question, this preparation time will be billed at $100 / hour to honour the teacher’s time in correspondence, in creating the material, marking and following up on materials assigned in lieu of missed hours.

One-on-one make up hours are $150 / hour (per person) and subject to time and availability of the teacher in question. If hours of a weekend are missed you might be sent 5-10 hours of homework and completion of assignments and perhaps 2-5 hours of one-on-one make up hours with the teacher. The length of the one-on-one make up hours depends largely on how many hours were missed and how much you have been able to grasp of the topics covered as you discuss with your teacher.

If the teacher was brought in from out of town, the make-up hours are still in Canadian dollars but the costs of these hours will be made payable to the out of town teacher directly with the expectation that fees to transfer the funds to the teacher in question is to be covered by you.

*Please note, certificates are withheld until the completion of these hours.

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My work schedule prevents me from attending the practice hours every second Wednesday, what should I do?

We understand that you cannot put your life on total pause. The practice hours every second Wednesdays have been scheduled to keep the group consolidated as previous experiences and feedback from other yoga teacher training models of meeting one weekend per month, have been that they wished they were able to connect with their group and teachers more often. We have also scheduled these hours in so that we can get as many hours in as required. 

So while, attending any and all Wednesday practices you can is highly encouraged, the alternative is that you must practice with Kate W. Mak in studio class time to make up those hours. These classes can be at any studio she teaches at, but note that the cost of attending that class is not covered in the tuition and will be an out of pocket expense if you do not have a membership at that studio.

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Are there opportunities to practice at Junction 9?

As Junction 9 is the studio home we are basing the training out of, they have graciously offered a 50% off Autopay membership to the studio over the duration of the training (Sept 2019 - August 2020) with a minimum commitment of 3 months.

We hope that this will give you an opportunity to continue connecting in with community and with many teachers on the faculty that teach out of Junction 9.

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Is Mynah School of Yoga certified by Yoga Alliance?


We have diligently crafted our curriculums to satisfy and go beyond the minimum requirements set by Yoga Alliance (YA) for the teacher trainings that Mynah School of Yoga offers (200 hour and 300 hour). 

Successful completion of the Mynah School of Yoga's 300 hour teacher training will allow you the opportunity to register into Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher. If your 200 hour yoga teacher training was Yoga Alliance certified, you will be able to register as a 500 hour yoga teacher. 

Registration into YA is optional and comes at an additional cost post-training paid directly to YA on an annual basis, but does provide you with the Yoga Alliance official certificate and registry into the online directory that will give you international recognition for your completion of the 300 hour yoga teacher training. In addition, registering with YA gives you exclusive access and discounts. We encourage you to visit YA's website regarding registration to further answer your questions. 

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