The 300 hour training is about elevating, uncovering and strengthening everything that you have already worked hard to build. Our goal is to cultivate and carefully foster your unique path in sharing what you love with others as an instrument of positive change in this world.

At Mynah, it is through community that we flourish and as such, we are deeply honoured and proud to present a faculty unparalleled to many trainings. Over the course of almost 1 year, we will be bringing in teachers and speakers who are brilliant stars in their own specialized fields to share their knowledge with us.

It is with the greatest responsibility that we accept your admission with the duty to not only fulfill the requirements of a 300 hour training but to elevate you beyond that.

Curriculum includes:

  • Philosophy: Bhagavad Gītā, Yoga Sūtras, Haṭha Yoga Pradīpikā, Rāmāyaṇa and other texts.

  • History of yoga in depth.

  • Energetic anatomy and discourse of ćakra system.

  • Learning to read and write Sanskrit and Devanāgarī as well as translation.

  • Energetic Lines according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  • Anatomy and advanced functional anatomy.

  • Pre-natal and Post-natal yoga.

  • Mynah School of Yoga Sequencing.

  • Yoga āsana adjustments.

  • Āyurveda

  • Gods & Goddesses

  • Mantra

  • and more!!

2019- 2020 Dates:

Jan 3-5, Feb 7-9, Mar 20-22, Apr 3-5, May 15-17, June 5-7, July 3-5 and July 31 - Aug 2.

Friday: 1745-2145 / Saturday: 1330 - 2130 / Sunday: 1300 - 2100.

Every second Wednesday practice: 0700 - 0830


Deposit: non-refundable, non-transferrable $700 to apply towards total tuition cost

Early bird $4300 + gst (early bird deadline July 31, midnight MST)

Regular $4500 + gst

*Payment plans are available, please contact for more informatio

Applications are currently being accepted (apply here)

In the event that your application is not accepted, your deposit will be refunded to you in full. 


Please feel free to contact for more information or if you cannot attend the information sessions. 

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