Our teachers

It is my greatest honour to introduce the faculty for MYNAH 2017 300 hour training

At MYNAH, we want to offer the best for the investment that you are making. We have carefully sourced out the best leaders and teachers and know that their knowledge, wisdom and insight will help to spark something deep within yourself. We are proud and honoured that so many brilliant teachers are a part of this line-up.



The Team

Tiaga Prem Singh / Reno Muenz (kundalini)



Tiaga Prem (Tay-ya-ga Prem) is a spiritual warrior that has been on the path for over 20 years in leading a spiritually conscious life and is always so gracious in sharing his journey, insight and wisdom. 

A long time student of Dharma Mitra of the Dharma tradition and Guru Singh of the kundalini tradition, we are lucky to have Tiaga Prem step away from his studio in Vancouver, the Dharma Temple, to share and lead us on bridging the gap between spirituality and every day life. Tiaga Prem speaks in a way that is so powerful and relatable and can explain the most esoteric parts of the spiritual path in profound and inspiring ways that only he can do. 

This section of the YTT is open to the public for registration as it is such an incredible opportunity.

Dharma Temple / Revealing the Diamond Podcast


Dr. Justin Tan (advanced functional anatomy)

Founder of Rollax, a doctor of chiropractics and all around amazing human being, we are so lucky to bring in Dr. Justin Tan from his busy schedule to help us understand anatomy in a way that is helpful for our day-to-day aches, pains and frequent problem areas. This is key and essential, not only in understanding our own bodies but in helping our students gain awareness into what is happening in their practice and in their bodies.

Justin is one of the best chiropractors in Calgary and to categorize him only in that one definition is indeed a disservice to everything that he brings to the table. He is for lack of a better word an expert on human movement.



Keightley Bertram  (sanskrit)


Keightley is a rarity to have in a teacher training of any level with her academic background in development and religious studies. She has delved deep into the study of eastern religions that has allowed her a broad understanding and familiarity with ancient and sacred texts.

She will take you beyond the basic reading and writing of the alphabet and start you on your journey in translating texts for yourself from their original Sanskrit form. This is a powerful way to gain insight into your personal practice but to understand the words, symbols and concepts of this scared language to elevate our own practice and to share with our students.

An avid yogi herself (practicing since 15 years of age), she will be able to bring the material to life and in a way that makes sense to the trainees living in a modern world as her goals are to encourage growth, creativity and self-confidence in developing your deeper understanding of the sacred Sanskrit language.


Stefanie Rizvi (yin)

Holding the space is one of the hardest things that a yoga teacher is tasked with and certainly a challenge even in our day to day lives for all that interact within our social spheres. Stef is a master at being able to hold space with minimal and graceful effort that her yin classes just feel like a good melty hug or the fun classes she teaches in unconventional spaces like Hifi night club, Commonwealth Bar & Stage as well as her East Village classes.

Stef will be sharing with us, her techniques and her tips in holding space and will be introducing the concept of a yin practice and how that differs from other factions of yoga disciplines.


Rose-Marie Theriault (pre-natal / post-natal)

Rose is a doula, a yoga teacher, pre-natal and post-natal teacher, a dancer and a woman that embodies grace and nurturing. She will be bringing in some key pieces on what it is to hold space and teach to pregnant women beyond the simple things that teachers might know to avoid or to emphasize. 

To know more about the female practitioner that will inevitably fall into your class or to have this information for yourself, is vital and imperative to help build a teacher that in knowledgeable in many different facets. Rose will help to bridge that gap and offer direct insight from her personal experiences over the years.



Jilaine Beddoe (teaching techniques)

A mama to so many beyond her two wee kids. Jilaine is a woman who inherently knows and anticipates the needs of others in her class or those who work at her beautiful studio, Junction 9. Her ability to nurture everybody’s physical, emotional and heart needs is a skill she has mastered and very lovingly sharing with us. 

Always a student herself, she will be graciously sharing what she has learned over her multiple teacher trainings, workshops and development courses she has taken with us to help sharpen our skills as a teacher but also as an individual that nurtures others from a loving place. It is a privilege and honour to have this Wanderlust presenter a part of our training and to be able to sit at her feet to learn. 



Dr. Kelly Grant (traditional Chinese medicine)

Kelly graduated from the Canadian Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Calgary, Alberta where she completed her 4 year Chinese Medicine program, earning diplomas in Acupuncture and Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Upon completion of her studies she travelled to China to participate in an internship at the Mainyang Hospital of TCM gaining knowledge and experience. Furthering her education, she developed a strong interest in hormones and fertility, receiving certification in the speciality of fertility care with the integration of Western and Eastern Medicine from the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM), as well as completing her Doula and Yoga Teacher Training.

Kelly is the Co-founder of a Traditional Chinese Medicine Tea Company making powerful herbal tonics available for the general public. She is passionate about her craft and is thrilled to be offering YogaAcu Medicine, incorporating the healing components of both Yoga and Acupuncture together for a deeper healing experience.



Kate W. Mak (founder)

For Kate, it feels like several lifetimes experienced and gained before finally reaching one of great passion and joy. An E-RYT 500 hour yoga teacher, she has very luckily been able to sit at the feet of many great teachers to absorb and share that wealth of knowledge back with her students and trainees. She is ever curious about the practice beyond the poses in and continues to evolve and grow her own personal practice and invites everybody along for the ride. Kate is so excited for this platform to share the more esoteric parts of yoga and to shed insight into building classes that are impactful, fun and unique as well as developing teachers to find their own wings. 


Guest Teachers

Maria Gilchrist

Clark Murray

Bryce Weeks

Jenn Beaupre

... and more (coming soon)